PACE Fastener Inspection

Introducing The PACE High-speed fastener Inspection Machine from Jurista.

With the widespread use of automatic assembly systems, it is essential to have good quality and consistent fasteners.

The new generation of the PACE Sorting Machines make this possible by rejecting all defective parts.

The PACE machines will also separate the accidental mixtures and contaminated work which is inevitable with high volume plant production like electro plating for instance.

The PACE Sorting Machines have proven history in the fastener industry worldwide.

They are available in two basic types:

  • The type shown feeds parts from a vibratory bowl feeder into a continuously rotating inspection disc at hi-speeds of up to 400parts per minute (15000 per hour),
  • The second type of machine has the option of indexing the inspection disc for Eddy-Current Crack Detection
pace fastnener inspection

PACE Machine Key features:

  • Product range: M1 - M20 under head lengths 20mm - 200mm
  • Process rate: 1500 parts per minute
pace fastnener inspection detail
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