Bowl Feeder Counters

Olympic Automation offer a vibratory bowl feeder based, automatic counting machine, for handling a variety of components that are specifically designed to automatically feed and count most types of components into small pre-batched quantities, typically 10-1000 pieces.

Bowl Feeder Counters

Applications include the feeding of:

  • Screws, fasteners, washers
  • Plastic mouldings
  • DIY self assembly components
  • Wiring accessories
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical and food products.

To cover the wide range of applications, our vibratory bowl feeder counting units comprise of a standard vibratory bowl feeder designed to feed, product by means of simple adjustable tooling to gauge the height and width of a component, enabling them to be fed into a single line prior to counting.

The components are then feed through an STM or similar light curtain counting sensor, into an accumulating trap box which holds the pre-counted batch ready to be discharged upon demand directly to a bagging machine or similar device.

Single or Multiple head counters can be provided depending on your specific application. The Siemens Logo counting control system is easily programmable and pre-set with minimal operator training; warning indicators can be incorporated to alert operators of counting conditions.

Bowl Feeder Counters
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