Bowl Feeder Controls

olympic bowl feeder controlsOlympic Automation offer a comprehensive range of off the shelf digital controllers that have been specially developed for use with vibratory bowl feed systems employed in materials and parts handling. There are two operating methods to choose from; phase angle control and variable frequency output. Versions are available for just about every application, from the very simple stand-alone feeder to the most sophisticated field BUS controlled system.
smart controller image

Panel Mount IP20 Bowl Feeder Control

The SMART controller is an IP20 rated panel mounted bowl feeder control. It is designed for an easy cost effective and neat installation within a main control cabinet when physical space is at a premium.

It has the same functions as the standard R6-539 bowl feeder controller with remote speed control via a potentiometer and is also suitable for linear and vibratory hopper control and most electromagnetic driven devices.

r6 539 bowl feeder control

Standard Bowl Feeder Control

The R6-539 is an IP54 rated standard bowl feeder control and has a proven history for a cost effective solution for the speed control of not just vibratory bowl feeders, but also can be used for the precise control of a vibratory linear unit and vibratory storage hopper including most electromagnetic driven devices.

Standard Bowl Feeder Control with Sensor Input

The R6 539-559 has the same specification as the R6 539 with the addition of a direct remote PNP sensor input socket and integral timer 0-10 seconds delay facility, which in turn can be used for most hi-level track control conditions.

DIN 514 Rail Mount Control image

DIN 514 Rail Mount Control

Both the standard R6-539 and the R6-539-559 controllers are also available as a DIN rail option.

The 514 controller can be remotely switched or controlled via a volt free contact directly via a PLC with a PNP signal, and the speed controlled via a 0-10 volt dc signal.

dual channel bowl feeder control

Dual Channel Control

MTS 442 : Digital Controller With Dual Channel Variable Speed Outputs

The MTS 442 is a fixed frequency controller with its unique touch panel display is a truly versatile controller which has been specifically designed to synchronise the operation of both a vibratory bowl feeder and vibratory linear or a storage hopper and bowl feeder.

In addition the unit incorporates two PNP sensor in-puts for either Hi-level track control or bulk hopper level control.

mfs 268 bowl feeder control

Frequency Controller

MFS 268 Digital Variable-frequency controller

The MFS 268 series of variable-frequency controllers are specially designed for controlling vibratory feeders. The units produce a highly stable output frequency that is adjustable in 0.1 Hz increments. Manual “tuning” time of the mechanical feed system is significantly reduced. The sinusoidal output means that the feeder runs quietly and provides gentle product handling characteristics. Settings are adjusted by using a touch-panel and an integrated digital display. The feed rate set-point can be adjusted in several ways, including the use of 0 – 10V or 0(4) - 20mA signals.

User settings can be stored and recalled. Depending on the controller version there are also functions available for track-sensor control and constant amplitude control, which maintains a constant feed-rate irrespective of load variations on the feeder, when used in conjunction with the optional SW-011 accelerometer attached to the bowl feeder, the MFS-168 will automatically monitor, stabilise and control the bowl feeder speed.

sw accelerator

SW Accelerometer

If you are experiencing poor performance with your current vibratory bowl feeder, such as:

  • Fluctuating speed
  • Sensitivity to product loading
  • Erratic or un-stable feeding

Then the MFS-268 digital controller, when installed with one of the SW range of accelerometers, is likely to resolve your problem.

With its unique touch panel display and direct feedback from the accelerometer attached to the bowl feeder, it will monitor, stabilise and control the bowl feeder.

inverter controller

Inverter Controllers

MFR 330 3phase Inverter Controller

Controllers for storage conveyors, driven by AC or DC motors and operated in response to a call signal from a level sensor

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